25 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi

A Heavy Snowy day in Istanbul!

It started to snow in Istanbul on last Sunday, but it wasn'heavy snowing!
But when we woke up this (Monday) morning, we saw that everywhere has been covered with SNOWW..
It hasn't been snowing in Istanbul for couple of years like that..Most of people could not go to work :)
It was really really cold outside, but I went out to play with snow :))) My Inner child is always awake when it snows ! My house is very close to seashore, I usually have a walk there and today I wear my snow jacket and of course jumped there..
Here are some photos from our snowy  Istanbul:

I am an animal lover, so I bought a lot of "simit"s which is a kind of  savory roll covered with sesame seed (simit is our very common  savory pastry, most of people like to eat "simit" and cheese with their 5 o'clock tea :) I fed the seagulls with "simits" , I usually do this, I love feeding the seagulls, pigeons and even crows. This is unconditional love and really  a kind of meditiation ...

And  of course I care the other homeless animals like these lovely doggies, I gave them some food too!

Please help and  care all animals arround us  in these cold days... Just giving them a little bit food and a little bit kindness, that is all they need..
Hope, you like my  snowy day story!

11 yorum:

  1. What wonderful photos! It looks like such fun! I love the photo of the gulls all in a line :)

  2. Absolutely amazing to see Istanbul covered in snow!
    Loved reading your story, and I too leave food out for the deer and birds here in winter :-D

  3. istanbul looks like a different city, amazing!

  4. Wonderful Winter impression!

    Congrats to your fantastic Blog!!

  5. Wow, I didn't even know it could get so cold in Turkey! Wonderful photos!


  6. i love the pic of you dancing along the pavement! so sad about the homeless doggies though, poor things, i'd want to adopt them all. you are so sweet to give them food. xx

  7. I can't believe, it's snowing :) My beautiful city! Thanks shebbo for these beautiful Istanbul photos! ;)

  8. thanks to all :)
    unfortunately there are lots and lots of homeless dogs and cats in Turkey :((((( and some people really don't care them! it is sad, but it is true..

  9. my sweetie sister your photos are amazing, soldier gulls are fantastic

  10. Wow it's so beautiful. Poor homeless doggy!

  11. Thanks for sharing this wintery atmosphere of Istanbul (wonderful pictures!) and caring for some poor animals!


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