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Interview with INGERMAAIKE from Norway,Travelling Around Europe 4 - June

This Month we are going to Scandinavian part of Europe , NORWAY to meet with dear INGER aka Ingermaaike
I am sure most of EST  (Europeanstreetteam) fellows know her and her amazing FELTED creations !

Last week Inger was in Istanbul. We met with Inger in a dinner organized by Kris aka evihan. We had very enjoyable dinner, it was really big pleasure to meet "face to face" with  a super natural and straightforward  woman as Inger :)

Let's learn more about Inger and her country Norway !

Tell us a bit about yourself , your daily routine: My days are simple and quiet mostly, I walk my dogs, create something,read a little, spend some time on the net. Nothing much spectacular or noteworthy. I love the silence of where I live. I can go walking for hours and not meet a single other person. The air is fresh and green and the sky is bluer than I have ever seen anywhere else.

Your horoscope : My horoscope isTaurus, but I have to admit that I do not believe the time at which I was born has any bearing on my character...my genes and upbringing are what make me what I am.

Your favorite foods: Turkish and Indonesian food are the most delicious!

Your favorite musics: I am no great music lover, but if pressed for a choice my all time faves are the Finn brothers from NewZealand.

Your favorite films: Anything by Tim Burton, I love films with a bit of a dark side pleasantly packaged in colorful humour.

The most thing you like ? - the most thing you hate ? : I love very much happiness and laughter and absolutely hate narrowminded negativity. Finding a problem is easy to do most people are too fast to think there is no solution and then moan about it..better spend that energy finding an improvement.

You are from an amazing Country, Could you give us Top 5 Reasons to visit  Norway ? We would like to hear your recommendations, please be our guide!

Norway is not a country you visit for the food, many ancient buildings or huge cultural offerings. They are to be found of course, but in limited supply. The land itself amply makes up for this by being utterly spectacular. Built up of rugged mountains and deep fjords you will find wilderness a plenty here. Far north the tundra and near permafrost can be found, hardly a tree you see on the windswept plains.

Close to where I live we have waterfalls, wild rivers for rafting, quiet lakes for padding and fishing, mountain trails that are well marked stretching from here to eternity. Across from my home on the other side of the river is the famous pelgrims route from Jerusalem via Santiago de Compostella to Nidaros.

Deer and elk are frequent visitors, there is even rumoured to be a bear living around these parts. Sheep run free all summer to be collected just before the frost starts.

6 Months of the year we are snow covered and cross country skiing is a national pasttime, trails are prepared that stretch for miles and miles. Close by we have 3 downhill skiing resorts which are frequented by those tired of the endless waiting lines in the Alps.

People wishing to be indoors and abhor getting dirty Norway is not the place, love of nature,wildness and a healthy stamina are required for enjoyment to the fullest.

There are 4 major cities in Norway well worth visiting, they are tiny compared to most cities in the world, but clean, safe and boasting wonderful architecture of the well known Norwegian wooden houses.

Let's talk about your art!

When and how did you start making felted creations? I started felting about 7 years ago after following a workshop. This one workshop gave me a good basic understanding of the mechanics of felting and from there on I just experimented. Searched far and wide for the perfect resources and supplies tomake soft felt that moves.

Where can your creations be seen? On flickr, etsy and on my blog you will find many of my works and if you are interested in learning yourself you can follow classes on  http://craftedu.com/

When and how did you first become interested in your medium? Fiber has always been a big love of mine, any fiber. And if you take it to its widest interpretation also wood and leather can be included.

Did you have a formal training in your medium or attend any courses? One workshop and endless experimentation have led me to where I am now. I am hard to teach, far too stubborn ....

What do you enjoy most about working with your medium? I love the feel of fiber in my fingers, seeing how my skill improves. Learning is my passion!

Where do you find your inspirations for what you create? Nature is my muse, she is all around me. When I look out my window I see color,texture and shape as only nature can create, these I try to emulate, to create works that evoke the feeling of the magnificence of my country's nature .

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:I have no favorite, every next creation is my new favorite..

Would you please tell about your creative space and studio set-up? For now the kitchen table is my space but soon I will have a huge barn to work in, start workshops and set up my tools.

What advise would you give someone starting out in this medium? Dare to use your imagination.

How has your country’s Culture influenced your art ? Not so much the culture as the nature which is all around me.

Are there any artist that inspire you or that you admire? I am not very much at home in the art world, but Klimt (http://www.gustavklimtcollection.com/  )has always had a special place in my heart. I love the colors and shapes used.

Anything else you wish to share? Life is fun, laugh,dance and be merry. It will make others happy too which is the best gift anyone can give.

Thank you so much for this great interview dear Inger, it was really pleasure to know you! If you would like to see Inger's  other great creations, please have a look at her magical shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/ingermaaike

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  1. My Ingerellaaa is also Turkish foodmaniaaaaaa.-)

  2. Wonderful interview, Sebnem! Inger, thanks so much for giving us inside in your life, way of being and thinking. I have been admiring your felt art from the very first moment I discovered your shop.

  3. Wow!It is wonderfull interview! If someone decide to visit Vilnius spread the word:-)And the we could meet here too:-)

  4. Lovely interview !! And the photos are great too :)

  5. Interesting interview and the positivity that comes through from Inger as well as her lovely work.

  6. It's great reading about you Inger! You had he chance of meeting Inger Shebbo thanks a lot for sharing this meeting with us!

  7. Thank yo for featuring me here :D
    My hope is positivity will spread round the world by laughter :D

  8. great interview...ooops walking for hours and not meet a single other person it's unbelievable to me, I really admire your stress free life:))

  9. Wonderful interview!!! Thank you so much dear Sebnem for sharing Inger's world! I am a fan of Inger's beautiful felted artwork, and reading about her deep love for nature has brought me closer to understanding her magical inspiration.
    I love long walks in the woods too (in my case in the Alps) and I can really understand Inger's closeness to nature and the love for her wonderful country! And I can understand Inger's lovely comment to my Treasury titled "Enchanted Forest" :)!
    Great knowing you from closer, Inger :)!

  10. Wonderful interview, incredible work!

  11. Thanks all for your lovely comments my dear friends :)


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