28 Temmuz 2010 Çarşamba

My kitty son Pasha has been featured on "ETSY PETS" article - Tekir oğlum Paşa'nın hikayesi ETSY PETS kategorisinde yayınlandı!

 Did you see my  adopted tabby son PASHA's interview  on " ETSY PETS" series ? He is now very famous at ETSY GALAXY :) And he has already  lots of fans :))
If you have not received our interview, here is  our lovely interview , just click and read it  :)
ETSY PETS:Inspired By an Orphan

Pasha and I are very thrilled with this great interview! Thank you so much again to  dear Ceylan a.k.a. paperinstyle and ETSY for giving me this super opportunity :)

Biricik yakışıklı oğlum Paşa, ETSY nin "PETS" ropörtaj serisinde hikayesini tüm ETSY galaksisi ile paylaştı.. İkimiz de tüm diğer hayvansever ETSY li arkadaşlarımızla hikayemizi paylaşmaktan çok mutluyuz!
Bu fırsatı bize sunan sevgili Ceylan paperinstyle ve ETSY ye tekrar sonsuz teşekkürler!
Paşam ile ikimizin unutlumaz bir anısı oldu ......:))))

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  1. My dearest Sebnem, I'm SOOOO happy for you and your sweet and much beloved kitty son!!!! What a wonderful feature and such a lovely interviews that truly shows your deep love for all creatures! Congratulations to you and your kitty boy Pasha :)!!!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell Pasha that my Zoe is very proud to have such a famous friend!!! She sends lots of kisses and purrrrrs!!!!!!

  3. thank you so much my dearest friend, I am very glad to have a great friend like you! Thanks for your supports :))) My famous boy sends purrss and kisses to your princes Zoe too :)
    me kiss u too :)

  4. ah so sweet!

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