3 Mart 2013 Pazar

Crazy SALE on Shebbodesign Etsy Shop !

Hi dear Shebbodesign followers ! 

Just wanted to let you know I already started  a crazy sale deal  in my ETSY SHOP ! 
 Under "CLEARANCE SALE " section of my shop   , all items are 30% discounted till 28th March. Each of them are unique and hand painted.

And, what is more ? 
A special discount has just been  started for celebrating 8th March WOMEN DAY !!! 

***5 DAYS SPECIAL  SALE***  15 % Discount  For International 

Women’s Day! 

Use Copon Code  WOMENDAY at checkout !  Everything 15 % off 

between March 3-9 only!!! 

(Clearance sale discounted section is also  included )

Please visit my shop and check my new item lines out! I am sure you will love them! Would like to get your feedbacks about my new items! 

NEW!   Women Clothing 
NEW!    Phone Cases
NEW!   Mini Journals  Printed Cat and Owl Journals featuring my illustrations

 Happy Women Day!

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